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If you believe in the work we do and would like to help,
there are many ways you can show your support!

Training Locations
Providing diverse training areas and facilities are important to our search dogs' proper development. If you have a place we could borrow for training, please contact us. Example locations include: industrial parks, manufacturing buildings & plants, warehouses, shopping centers, vacant buildings, parks, camp grounds, farms, other vacant land, ponds, lakes, river front property, etc.

Educational Scholarships
Search & Rescue training is expensive, and a mission ready SAR dog requires over 2 years of advanced education. Training scholarships provide our K-9s & handlers with the funds necessary to attend SAR educational seminars. Please contact us for a list of upcoming events available for sponsorship.

Equipment & Services
Like any organization, we require basic equipment and services to keep us running on a daily basis. We are currently looking for the following supplies, equipment and services:

Bottled Water
Radios (VHF handheld)
Mobile VHF radios (car mount)
Pagers (digital/text)
Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
Cell phones & Service
Extreme weather clothing
Camping gear
Life jackets (rescue type)
Canine Life jackets
Cabana tents
Dog food Thank You - Kal Kan for the Pedigree & Waltham products
Dog crates
Dog leashes, harnesses, collars, etc.
Audio visual equipment
Laptop computers
Portable printers
Copy machines
Office supplies
Legal Services
Accounting Services
Veterinary Services
Please contact us for more information on how to donate supplies or services.

Financial Support
Financial donations are always welcome. Your financial support will offset costs for search deployments, equipment, supplies, travel, training and education. If you would like to make a donation checks should be made payable to K-9 Response and mailed to:

K-9 Response, Inc.
4909 Blue Church Rd
Sunbury, OH 43074

If you would like to become a K-9 Response sponsor, or need more information on how to make a specific contrubution to our group, please contact us.


24 Hour Emergency Callouts
For Emergency Use ONLY