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Do your dogs search for missing pets?
No, our dogs are trained to track only human scent.

Does your team take family pets or strays in for training?
We wish we could take all unwanted pets, however we do not have the resources to take them.

Are you government funded?
No, we rely on the generosity of our communities in order to continue our extensive training.

If I call you, will you come out to find our missing loved one?
We can only be activated by local or federal law enforcement, the EMA , your fire department or other such recognized entity.

How do I get started in SAR.
Unless you have previous SAR or comparable experience, you will be required to complete a 12 month probationary period in which you will learn communication skills, navigation skills etc. as well as an understanding of SAR techniques, scent theory and how dogs work.

I have a dog that I think would make a great SAR dog, may I join?
If you have the passion and commitment it takes to be part of a SAR team, of course! However, unless you have previous SAR experience or at least something comparable, you will need to complete your 12 month probation before requesting to become a handler and start working a dog.

*Please note: currently we are not accepting new applications unless you already have previous SAR or law enforcement (or similar) experience.

What kinds of dogs are best for SAR work?
The herding dogs are typically your best bet, that doesn't mean that other breeds can't do the job. SAR dogs must have focus and stamina as well as the want to work with their handlers.

How old does a dog need to be before starting SAR training?
Most of our dogs were started around 8 weeks old, understanding the game of keep away. However, they can be started up to the age of 1 ½ or 2 years of age.