In Memoriam
K-9 Mack
Handler: Scott Gaines
Service: Delaware County Sheriff's office


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Our Team

K-9 Response is a group of highly motivated volunteers who are dedicated to assisting in the search for missing persons. Our skilled canine search & rescue teams are trained to locate missing persons in urban, suburban, and wilderness environments. Some are also trained to locate human remains on both land and water.

Established in 1998, K-9 Response uses some of the highest standards to certify its search dogs and handlers. In 2001 our members participated in 20 searches. Two of our members also went to NYC following the 9/11 tragedy. A normal field strike team consists of 3 trained individuals supporting a single search dog. Strike team members include a senior dog handler and 2 support personnel. The first support person handles radio communications. The second handles field navigation. Both support positions are also trained to look for clues/evidence and to help ensure safety during the search process. (Note: A single dog with handler may be dispatched as a back-up to support an existing team.)

K-9 Response members spend 25+ hours per month training and most take time off work to participate in actual searches. This involves driving thousands of miles a year, and camping in the field when necessary.

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